The Power of a Portrait: Female Friendships

Before the time of “wearing a real bra”, before boyfriends, driving and jobs. From permed hair to marriage and children, we developed a fierce female friendship that grew into something more valuable than we could ever predict.




It took nine months and a spreadsheet. As long as it takes to grow a baby in utero, it took to sync our calendars to an open weekend. Even after the date was set, there were a couple “Oh this came up...” texts. “Is there any way we can reschedule?”

The answer was no. It had been four and a half years since the six of us have been in the same city together. After college, many of us had moved away from our hometown. It took one strong woman in our group text to write, “Ladies, we’ve planned this date and I expect all of you to be there. Let’s make it happen. As we get older, we are reminded how quickly life can change.”

In that moment I was reminded that what you value, you make time for.  Each of us made it a priority. Five of us flew into Las Vegas on our originally synced weekend, meeting at Melissa’s house. We had 48 hours together.

Often, when women become busy raising families and advancing their careers, the first thing they let go of are relationships with other women. However, having female friendships is beneficial to our health and emotional well being, there is science behind it. It isn’t always easy to put in the time commitment, and sometimes it is a sacrifice. But it is worth it. It is worth the hugs, it is worth the late night dance parties in the kitchen (or sleeping through it). It is worth the inside jokes and the ‘remember whens’ and the laughing out loud. It is worth talking about what each of you are up to and cheering each other on. It is worth being with women who lift you up.

RED ROCK SHOOT_0090_1.jpg

The power of this portrait speaks of 25+ years of friendship. It speaks of a female bond created through high school highlights and turmoil, to college days, to weddings, to having babies, to divorces, to the loss of babies, to starting businesses, to second marriages, to advanced degrees, to the loss of parents, to turning 40. Having a group of women who have your back through good times and difficult times, is one of the greatest sources of strength to know. WE were always there for each other. AND when one would fall back - the others lifted her up and said, “You got this, keep going - I’ve got your back.” Literally there were times when one gave the shirt from her back and the shoes off her feet. The power of this portrait speaks of little moments, significant events and everything in between a forever friendship.

Now -  cheers to the next 25+ years of life with these ladies!